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Essential Questions to Ask When Renting a Portable Toilet for Your Event or Site

Portable toilet units are often necessary when planning an outdoor event or construction site. However, ensuring you're hiring the right unit for your needs is important. Not all portable toilet units are created equal, and there are several important questions to ask before deciding. In this article, we'll explore some of the most important questions to ask when hiring a portable toilet unit.

1. How Many Units Do I Need?

The first question to ask when hiring a portable toilet unit is how many units you need. The number of units you need will depend on the size of your event or construction site and the duration of the event or project. As a general rule of thumb, you should have one unit for every 50 people at an event and one for every 10 workers on a construction site.

2. What Type of Portable Toilet Do I Need?

Several types of portable toilets are available, each with its own features and benefits. The most common portable toilet types include standard, deluxe, and wheelchair-accessible units. Standard units are the most basic type of portable toilet, while deluxe units may include additional features such as hand sanitisers and mirrors. Wheelchair-accessible units are designed for individuals with disabilities and feature a wider door and a ramp for easy access.

3. What Maintenance Services are Included?

When hiring a portable toilet unit, asking about maintenance services is important. You'll want to make sure that the unit is regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure that it remains sanitary and in good working condition. Ask about the frequency of cleaning services and what is included in the cleaning process. Some companies may also offer additional services such as refilling hand sanitiser dispensers and restocking toilet paper.

4. What Are the Delivery and Pickup Procedures?

Another important question when hiring a portable toilet unit is the delivery and pickup procedures. You'll want to ensure that the unit is delivered and picked up at a convenient time, and that the delivery and pickup process is smooth and efficient. Ask about any additional fees for delivery or pickup outside of regular business hours.

5. What Are the Payment Terms?

Before hiring a portable toilet unit, it's important to understand the payment terms. Ask about the rental fees and any additional fees for services such as delivery and pickup. You'll also want to ask about the payment schedule and any late payment or cancellation penalties.

6. What Are the Safety Features?

When hiring a portable toilet unit, safety should be a top priority. Ask about any safety features that are included with the unit, such as non-slip floors and sturdy handrails. You'll also want to ensure the unit is properly anchored to prevent tipping or other accidents.

7. What Is the Availability of Water and Electricity?

Finally, it's important to ask about the availability of water and electricity for your portable toilet unit. Some units may require access to a water source for flushing, while others may require an electrical hookup to power lights or other features. Ensure you have access to the necessary resources to ensure your unit is functional and safe.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a portable toilet unit may not be the most exciting part of planning an outdoor event or construction site, but it's important. By asking these important questions, you can ensure that you're hiring a safe, functional unit that meets your specific needs. Don't be afraid to ask for references or do your research before deciding. You can ensure your event or project runs smoothly and safely with the right portable toilet unit.

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